Forward Thinking Partners

venture & protocol partners, brought together to help support the next generation of Web3 innovators!

We focus on 3 types of partnerships to provide the most value for our founders & investors!

Accelerator Partners

As part of our cohorts, members work directly alongside our accelerator partners, providing real time practical experience in due-diligence & capital raising support for founders. We believe too many investors lack an understanding of how to support early stage founders in Web3, so as part of our curriculum we make sure to provide the right experience required to teach the best investors.

Cohorts are designed to expose our members to the innovation happening on the ground, getting first hand access to the newest blockchain companies coming out of the industry. We provide our accelerator partners with the talent they need to support their founders in their capital raising needs.

Protocol Partners

A major focus we have is the proper onboarding and education of new builders & investors in the space, we do this by teaching them the foundational knowledge of blockchain technology & its real world application. To help us do this we have partnered up with some of the most innovative & well-known protocols in the space. Representatives of each protocol act as cohort mentors hosting workshops, providing direct access to their ecosystem grant programmes, giving founders direct reach to protocol developers and first hand access to their most innovative deal-flow!

Investor Partners

Thanks to our broad network of VC’s & Angels we are able to funnel all of our high quality web3 deal-flow from our cohorts directly to interested investors, creating an ever-growing & collaborative venture ecosystem!